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September 4th, 2013

Bethany Beach Eats, 14 Global, Restaurant, Review, Delaware Beaches, The Quiet Resort, Southern Delaware…The Second Season!


Nothing better than to be with family when the unexpected occurs too soon.  Sharing a meal with the ones you love is always comforting.  So, we decided to visit 14 Global, located at 14 North Pennsylvania Avenue in the Quiet Resort of Bethany Beach, Delaware.

There was a coolness in the evening, September is a great month to be at the beach.  Our choice of seating was inside.  Not too many photos inside the restaurant since it was quiet and it was best to give everyone their privacy.  I certainly wanted my own, as well.

Paul was waiting on us and his suggestions were excellent.

The food can be shared and it is served as soon as it is finished in the kitchen.

The Steak Tartar was very good and received good reviews from the table.  We all had a tasting.


I had to laugh because when the African Kale Salad arrived, the comment was “I don’t remember my mother cooking kale like this when I was young.”  Raw is the new “in”.


I love Octopus and 14 Global presented us with a delicious one.


The Brussel Sprouts gave us added greens.  Warm and perfectly seasoned.


I am definitely coming back for Whole Bronzino.  I really loved it.  It was the evening’s highlight.  Thanks to Paul for mentioning that it is one of the most favorite dishes in the house.  It was whole and it did have bones, but they were easy to pick and gave the fish even more flavor.


After….I was not kidding, Yum!


The desserts sounded good but we decided to leave them for another time.  We were perfectly satisfied.  Time to go home.

14 Global has outdoor seating, as well, and they do have take out.  Their tel. is 302-616-1035.

Talk to you later…

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