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April 21st, 2013

Who Signs It? Joe Flacco, Ravens, Quaterback, Super Bowl 47 MVP, 2013, University of Delaware Alum, Public Signing, Baltimore, Maryland


Who signs it? It is my post as I took off for Baltimore, Maryland in search of Joe Flacco’s signature on Saturday, 4/20.

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Joe Flacco played for University of Delaware.  My son was part of that graduating class.  On that graduation day, Carl Ripkin, Baltimore Orioles, gave his first commencement speech, as well.  We follow both teams; the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens.  So it is understandable that when opportunities arise for a signature….we take them.  Right now, my son’s University of Delaware’s diploma is signed by both of them.  And every time….it has been said that, it is one of the most unique signing requests.


At this particular public signing, some of the fans present were surprised that Joe Flacco was signing so quickly after the Ravens’ win.  There were probably around 400 plus fans waiting for him to sign for only 2 hours.  It can get a little pricey….the cost is driven by how many pieces you want signed, and how you want them signed.  There were people there with small items of memorabilia, helmets, posters…and some big photos, as well.


You also have to have patience.  When Joe came in, you could not help but notice him.  Very tall, clean cut..and he smiled.  Immediately flashes of light were hitting him.  I think he is used to it…did not even flinch.


As I was waiting for my turn, I met Bill.  We chatted and it made the time pass a little faster.  He was a true fan with plenty of signatures already in his possession.  He also told me that he was getting his “man cave” ready for his retirement in Lewes, Delaware, with plenty of Ravens in that “cave”.

The magic of attending Super Bowl week is a total experience; more so, if your team is playing.  My son, also, attended the Super Bowl in New Orleans.  The entry ticket was what I was having Joe Flacco sign.  Finally my turn came.  Joe was very gracious to all of us.



The waiting was long, the signing took a few seconds.  You better be fast with the camera.  I was standing right in front of him.  My ticket was an easy one to sign.  I said to him…wait a minute, the picture….he said…”action shot, action shot”, while moving his hands with a smile.  Here it is.


I stopped at the next table to get Joe Flacco’s signature officially authenticated….you might as well.  No questions asked…it was his signature.


Have a good one!!

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4 Responses to “Who Signs It? Joe Flacco, Ravens, Quaterback, Super Bowl 47 MVP, 2013, University of Delaware Alum, Public Signing, Baltimore, Maryland”

  1. Jody Ryan says:

    You’re such a good Mama!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Haha…I hope so!!

  3. Bill Easten says:


    This is an exceptional writing about your experience at the Joe Flacco signing. Thank you for the mention above and the conversation(s) that we had that day. It did make the wait go a little faster. As we were chatting I was thinking to myself that your son is lucky guy to have his mom waiting in this long line (not to mention the drive) getting Joe Flacco’s signature for him. I am sure he will cherish it! lol! Once again, it was very nice meeting you. V/R Bill btw…it is Cal Ripkin lol!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Bill…great to hear from you. Oops typo.

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