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February 27th, 2013

SoDel Film Co. Wraps Short Movie, Executive Producer, Matt Haley, Script and Lead Actor, Paul Webster, Shot totally on location, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Maryland

Not only are the Delaware Beaches vacation, shopping, and dining destinations; they are also coming into their own as major contributors to the arts and entertainment.  Southern Delaware is the perfect spot for photographers and for filmmaking.

The other day I was at a stop light and I pulled out my cell phone to text.  My husband said “You know, Matt is producing a film about accidents and texting”.  Put it away immediately.

Did not have to wait to long to find out that Matt Haley’s SoDel Film Co., just finished wrapping up a short movie, tentatively, at the moment, called “Skittles”.

SoDel Film Co. is a production company launched by restaurant owner, Matt Haley.  This latest short film is due to be released this fall.

“Skittles” was shot entirely at Southern Delaware’s locations and landmarks in 6 days:  The Lewes Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rehoboth Toy & Kite Company, The Sea Air Village Mobile Home Park, The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, and the Jail at the Ocean City Police Dept. in Ocean City, Maryland.


The film tells the fictional story of a man who has been jailed for killing a child while texting and driving.  “The theme is something that’s hitting home every day, everywhere”, states Executive Producer, Matt Haley.  “It is a community minded issue that we hope will raise awareness…”We want to make films that are based in reality and bring about bigger issues-locally and globally.”

DSC03000 (1)DSC03172

With small acting roles on hit shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Scrubs”, “NCIS”, and “24”, Lead Actor, Paul Webster, a 3-year resident of Rehoboth Beach, wrote the script of the short film.  He describes the choice of location as “a beautiful area”.  “There’s such a mix of farmland and a full spectrum of income and houses”, he explains.  “I just couldn’t believe more things weren’t shot here.  It’s a beautiful place to shoot, and you have the seasons, as well.”


Other films produced by Matt Haley and SoDel Film Co. include:


“Hands of Harvest”, a chronicle of the struggles and fortitude of the migrant Mexican women who fuel the crabbing industry on the Eastern Shore.  This documentary was picked up by the PBS network.

And, the soon to be released “Motorcycle Chang pa”, which explores the travels and survival of the nomadic Chang pa tribe through the high altitude deserts of the Himalayas.

Haley says he feels “happy and privileged” to make a film in Delaware.  “We are proud to be part of the Southern Delaware community and the State of Delaware”, he explains.  “We’d like to bring about more of an interest in film-there are other filmmakers that we look up to in the state that are doing great work.  We hope to expand the creative scene or platform of expression throughout the state.”

Matt Haley, Executive Producer, Restauranteur, Philanthropist

Matt Haley, Executive Producer, Restauranteur, Philanthropist

According to Matt Haley, the film will be completed over the summer, with plans for a fall premier and a submittal to the Rehoboth Independent Film Festival, among others.

SoDel Film Co. aims to produce one to 2 films a year, Matt says, with plans to establish a film festival of their own that would include a scholarship program for local aspiring filmmakers 18 years of age and under.

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Talk to you later.

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