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February 15th, 2010

Lake Gerar…Fresh Water Lake…A Crown Jewel…Delaware Beaches…Rehoboth Beach…


Some week ago, before the winter storms started hitting our beaches, I wrote a post on Silver Lake and now its Lake Gerar’s turn. 

I hope that when you come to our beaches, you get the opportunity to relax and walk around the towns.  This post is about Rehoboth Beach, and if you live here you probably have gone past the different lakes that are adjacent to the ocean. 


I some times take everything we have here for granted but writing about the area has made me aware of how lucky I am to live at the beach.  Even when I go away for a few weeks, I know I am home the moment I cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  It is like I can breathe again.  No congestion, plenty of water and expanse views.

Lake Gerar, Silver Lake and Lake Comegys are the 3 fresh water lakes closest to the ocean than lakes anywhere in the country.  They are, definitely, the crown jewels of Rehoboth Beach.


Apparently these lakes were not always appreciated by its citizens; at some point, years ago, trash was dumped into Lake Gerar.  The lakes were ignored, not only here but all over the country.  Environmental conservation has changed all that.

Over the years, both Lake Gerar and Silver Lake have been partly fresh water and partly salt water lakes.  The ocean was not washing over the lakes, it was that the inside levels of the lake got higher and higher.

Lake Gerar was one of the first places I visited when I came to live here many years ago.  The lake is perfect for taking a break, for reading, having a coffee or just to absorb its natural beauty; very peaceful.


These 3 lakes are the only freshwater lakes in Delaware.  They are natural and unique.  They are the havens for many species of birds during their migration.  And, they have added to the rich diversity of the region is so many ways.

Please enjoy them and for the homeowners that live on these lakes, I hope they continue to act responsibly.



Have a great day and talk to you later….

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