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December 22nd, 2009

Wakodahatchee Wetlands…Delray Beach, Florida…Activities…Nature Preserve…


This was not my intended post tonight, but I was so cold that I started looking at some pictures I had taken some months ago in Delray Beach, Florida. 

Unless someone had pointed this out to me, who knows if I would have found it.  It is one of those places that, to tell you the truth, I have not seen advertised that much when I am in Florida. 

It is called Wakodahatchee Wetlands.  This is a man made nature preseve full of birds and wildlife.  So, just like we have in Delaware and Maryland beautiful State Parks, Palm Beach County has more than a few of these parks for everyone to enjoy.  Excellent job!!100_0319


When I first went to Wakodahatchee, it took me a little bit to find it since it is not well marked. 

The location is considered suburban Delray Beach and it is located on the east side of Jog Road between Woolbright Rd. and Atlantic Ave.  As I have mentioned before, Atlantic Ave. is the main street in Delray Beach.  If you go west on Atlantic and cross over 95 then you need to continue to Jog Road and turn right.  You will go through the Lake Ida intersection and Wakodahatchee will be not even 1/4 mile on your right.  It is the southeast side of Palm Beach County Water Ulitity Department’s Southern Region Operations Center at 13026 Jog Rd. in Delray Beach.  You see?  It’s a little tricky.  Pay attention after you go through that Lake Ida intersection.  The website is

You should visit the website because it will give you all kinds of info. like what kinds of tours they offer, location’s map, explanation of what the nature preserve is all about and a virtual tour of the park.  There is a telephone number for tour info. and that is 561-493-6000.

Wakodahatchee opens early in the morning and stays open until dusk.  I found that it was so peaceful at the end of the day; you will experience the arrival of those magnificent birds at that time of the evening.  You can walk the 3/4 mile boardwalk, which winds through three of the wetland’s ponds. You might even be lucky to catch the site of a few large alligators, as well. And, during certain months of the year you will get to see new birds come to life.100_0316

Wakodahatchee comes from the Seminole Indian Language.  It means “created waters”.  These are 50 acres of unused utilities land that have been turned into a wetlands ecosystem.100_0331

Wetlands provide a variety of important envirornmental functions.  Just like the wetlands in Delaware and Maryland, the ones in Florida provide food and habitat for many important wildlife species.100_0312


If you are in Palm Beach County, near Delray Beach, take a detour from the beaches and you will really enjoy Wakodahatchee.


Note:  There is another wetlands preserve called The Green Cay.  It is located on 12800 Hagen Ranch Rd.  It is between Boyton Beach Blvd. and Atlantic Ave.  It is considered suburban Boyton Beach.  It has also an elevated boardwalk.  A little different than Wakodahatchee, but just as nice.  The next time I visit Florida I will get pictures and some more information for you to explore.100_0338

Information on Wakodahatchee was taken from


If you are in Florida now, check it out.  It is cold up north so enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities.   See you….

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