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January 8th, 2012

Moon Over Delmarva…Warm Weather, Clear Skies…and a Gorgeous Full Moon; the perfect accessory for the Delaware Beaches



I am never at a loss of words, but tonight nature left me speechless….


The Delmarva Peninsula is occupied by most of Delaware and portions of Maryland and Virginia.  It is almost 180 by 60 miles.  It is also bordered by the Chesapeake Bay on the West, and on the East, by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is basically a year-round resort with a quieter second season.  January and February are probably the most subdued months and even though in the past couple of years we have gotten a fair amount of snow, so far, and I hope I am not speaking too soon, it has just been a most beautiful time of the year.  So many visitors enjoying what this area is best known for; the beaches, restaurants, shops, the outdoors, and that relaxed atmosphere we all look forward to when we get away from our daily routines.


I had to drive from Rehoboth to the Salisbury airport.  It is a convenient regional airport about 1 hour away.  It was funny because it was mid afternoon and I mentioned to my son how beautiful the area looked.  He nodded but that was it.  I kept asking; don’t you love the marshes, and the bay and such wide open spaces?  He agreed but not with the same excitement I was experiencing.


Driving back to Rehoboth I started noticing how pretty the sunset was going to be.  It was now about 5 p.m.  I drove to Rehoboth on Coastal Highway and was checking out our soon to open new Indian River Inlet Bridge when I noticed the Moon.  Turned back and went on the beach and the pictures tell the time of the day; still light with the moon out and then the changes until I reached Rehoboth.  I was totally speechless and in love with nature and the whole scenery.




Coastal Highway is a great beach road and a most scenic one; Rehoboth Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.



I was not the only one thinking the same thing.  I saw people stopping and getting their cameras out.  A young woman did just that; we both were taking pictures of Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach. 


Believe it or not I was on my way to Giant.  I wanted to make chicken soup.  That had to wait; stopping to enjoy the views was a priority.


If you were at the Beaches tonight I am sure you saw the same thing…..just priceless…

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3 Responses to “Moon Over Delmarva…Warm Weather, Clear Skies…and a Gorgeous Full Moon; the perfect accessory for the Delaware Beaches”

  1. Dee Cairo says:

    Absolutely lovely pictures! So wonderful that you take the time to “pull off” and enjoy the view!

    Thanks Gloria, for sharing the “beauty of the beaches” with us!

    Many Blessings, blue skies & sunny days to you!
    Dee Cairo

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dee for the comments to the blog. It really was so pretty. It’s taking the time to appreciate nature’s beauty. Love that Coastal Highway. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Debbie says:

    Awesome pictures !

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